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 Savvy Self Careers' founder Wai Lee initially began working in various large corporations in financial services. She made a conscious decision to take control of her own career change into a direction that focused on helping people and making a difference in their lives. This included a transition into the training and development industry as a qualified trainer and assessor and working in an agency aligned with government services partnered with various education and training organisations to assist clients in their search for employment and developing their careers.  She is a member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) and holds a Graduate Certificate in Career Development from Swinburne University, Cert IV in Training and Assessment and a Bachelors of Commerce & Arts. She was made a member of the Golden Key International Honours Society for academic excellence at both Monash University and Swinburne University.  She is also accredited to administer the Career Fast Track model based on the Jungian Personality Theory.  ​

She has a current contract with a Higher Education institution and formerly a leading charity organisation in Victoria. This demonstrates her dedication in helping various backgrounds such as tertiary education students, international students/migrants, and long term unemployment experiencing multiple barriers while looking for work in Australia.  She is compassionate and result-oriented about her clients' frustrations and obstacles and helps them overcome their problems to find career success. Offering career counselling, identifying training and career pathways while providing resourceful education and labour market information, creating a job action plan, interview preparation and coaching, cover letter & resume reviewing/writing, responding to selection criteria, graduate applications, strategic job search techniques, networking, and improving your online profile with LinkedIn and other social media programs.  ​


​As part of a comprehensive career consultation, Wai uses a combination of her own disposition/skills analysis alongside Career Development theories into practise.  She is very passionate about her work, and she is dedicated to ensure clients are equipped with valuable resources and information to move ahead in their careers and closer to achieving their aspirations and success!

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Business & Organisational Development


Savvy Self Group has an integrated end to end solution provider for job seekers, employers, community, not-for-profit organisations.


It's co-founder has integrated major initiatives with Savvy Self Group to better service it's existing & potential clients with a quality & experienced work placement, labour hire, in-house trainer & counselling (covering areas such as career, financial & general counselling) professional team, development of web design & content, training assessment & other marketable content.


Over the years he has a logistics division servicing several clients from numerous industries such as:


  • State and Local Government administration

  • Labour hire services

  • Legal services

  • Real estate industry

  • Accountancy practices

  • Business equipment industry

  • Communications industry

  • Building, metal and civil construction industries

  • Painting industry

  • Plumbing industry

  • Catering industry, Liquor & accommodation industry, Restaurants (including Clubs)

  • Clothing industry (including Footwear manufacturing), Textile industry

  • Higher education industry

  • Private sector clerical occupation

  • Retail industry

  • Security services

  • Graphic arts

  • Printing industry

  • Market and business consultancy services

  • Telecommunications services

  • Animal care and veterinary services

  • Building services

  • Social and community services

  • Supported employment services

  • Dry cleaning and laundry services

  • Educational services - pre-school teachers

  • Fire fighting services

  • Funeral directing

  • Gardening services

  • Health and welfare services

  • Children's services

  • Fitness, lifestyle and leisure services

  •  Aluminium industry

  • Arts administration

  • Cement and concrete products

  • Cemetery operations

  • Educational services (including Pre School, Primary & Secondary school, Higher Education)

  • Entertainment and broadcasting industry (other than Racing)

  • Food, beverages and tobacco industry (manufacturing)

  • Journalism

  • Liquor and accommodation industry (manufacturing)

  • Meat industry

  • Oil and gas industry

  • Paper products industry

  • Pet food manufacturing

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Photographic industry

  • Postal services (other than Australia Post)

  • Private transport industry (remaining sectors)

  • Publishing industry

  • Public transport industry (other than Rail)

  • Scientific services (including Professional Engineers and Scientists)

  • Storage services

  • Furnishing industry

  • Chemical industry

  • Clay and ceramics industry

  • Glass industry

  • Gypsum, plaster board etc. manufacturing industry

  • Insulation materials manufacturing

  • Paint manufacturing industry

  • Rope, cordage and thread industry

  • Saddlery, leather and canvas industry


It's co-founder has established small to large businesses and other organisational contacts in various industries.  He had expanded and increased his client base by 30% since acquiring a logistics business by implementing effective and strategic marketing techniques.  He holds a Diploma of Communications and Media and an academic of the Bachelor of Business in Marketing & undergoing the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment including Vocational Preparation.  Currently, Savvy Self Careers, Staffing Development & Business Solutions is focused on acquiring further partnerships and opportunities both locally and internationally. His most challenging campaign is the development of a community services programme campaign to support the marginalised & underskilled in certain areas in Melbourne metro  through partnerships with not-for-profit groups, local businesses both in the private & public sector and  premium education providers who deliver quality training solutions for up-skillling and personal development. Don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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