We are a team of qualified and experienced career counsellors with employment services that can help you with a tailored plan in reaching your goals and aspirations with up-to-date career information and assessment tools for self evaluation and analysis. 
You will be working with our career counsellors who will patiently identify your skills, strengths, values, interests, development areas and blind spots, to explore options such as further education,  upskilling, gaining experience, reaching out to networks in making decisions tailored to your individual circumstances and creating a career action plan.  Our program includes getting you ready to take action, reviewing your CV or LinkedIn profile, job application assistance, interview preparation and knowing how to position yourself to highlight your skills and work experience to create the best chance of reaching your aspirations. 
We have career counsellors that are experienced in various industries, as well as being a multicultural team who worked with people from diverse backgrounds and situations, with a wealth of knowledge and resources.   Our passion is to work with you to find your potential  get you on the pathway to success.  We hope to make a difference and create value in your lives and careers.