Career Change

Have you been thinking about and considering a career change for a while now?

Have you assessed your current options and what it means for a career change?

These are some questions you can work through with a career consultant to assess what your next steps are when considering a career change and to come up with a tailored career plan for you.

You hear a lot of people talk about your ‘transferable skills’ but what are these? These are what you need to find out. A lot of the skills you’ve learned from your current career are transferable. If you are considering changing careers into a new role & industry, a career  consultant can help you work through what skills and experiences are required for the new career and the best way to make the transition - either a different role or further education.

Sometimes, it's about taking a leap of faith as you don't want to get old and regret not taking that step for a better future.  You don't want to be looking back and thinking why you hadn't done it. 

The career life disease we experience is the gap between what we believe we’re worth and what we really want. ‘Am I doing what is right for me, or should I change direction?’ Career change can be exciting, but also, you may need to take into some consideration sacrifices you may need to make.

For an in-depth conversation about your career change, speak to one of our dedicated career consultants to take into consideration your current situation and look at your available options for a plan to achieve your career goals.


Speak to a dedicated career consultant about your concerns and we will support you with your career journey.  Please contact us for a discussion of your situation.

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