Some of my designs & research projects

In partnership withWestpacHead Start Homes was created to provide opportunities for tenants of government housing to overcome certain structural, financial and personal barriers to attain home ownership.


UX Designer & Researcher for the

9 week project initiative.

Government housing tenants to overcome structural barriers to home ownership 



A mobile & computer-based educational tool that helps individuals diagnosed with ADHD or have difficulties learning to acquire and develop new skills. The platform provides  a fun approach to learning and also helps the cohort with monetary incentives for establishing their skills.

My Role

Provided UX Research & proposed UX Design & Interface for website & potentially mobile application  

Main Goal

Improve the learning curve of users with ADHD and learning difficulty in a fun and interactive way

Stakeholder Partner

Mums the Word

A mobile platform to provide support for parents when looking after their child or children while juggling employment and/or other crucial responsibilities.

My Role

Main Goal

I was an independent contractor providing user research and design services for the 10 week project for a client

Identify and provide solutions for common daily problems of new and young parents

Formula Xpress

Formula Xpress is an along-the-way courier service that assist businesses and private customers with items to send or receive with drivers already heading in the direction of where their goods are being sent.

My Role

I am currently the Independent consulting

UX/UI Designer & Researcher for this new startup.

Main Goal

In the process of creating a new app and redevelop website to enhance current courier services

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