Graduating is an exciting time for students, but at the same time it's also a stressful time.  You're probably wondering if you are really ready to venture into the real world of work? Some of you may feel like you did the wrong course and want to do something else.  It's quite common for people to have second thoughts about what they're doing.  There are always options open, it's not too late! Have a look at our Resources section for ideas.

If you are a conscientious university student, you would have already been looking for final year vacation or internship programs. Our dedicated career consultants can help you with graduate program applications - with the processes of selection criteria, phone interview, group interviews, assessment centre, psychometric tests & final interviews.

For those of you who graduated, haven't got a graduate position and finding it difficult to get a job, don't despair. By seeing a career consultant, we can help you with developing the skills to present yourself to potential employers to secure a job in a competitive market.  It's well known that most universities don't really prepare you for the transition from studies to the professional work world, so that's what we're here for!

You may fall into the group that have graduated a while ago and working for a few years.  Are you finding the career you have found yourself in is nothing like what you expected it to be? Are you having second thoughts about your career, thinking of going back to studies and perhaps a career change?  Speak to a career consultant about your situation.



Speak to one of our Career Counsellors if you’re trying to decide these things and having someone to guide you and help you make these choices. Call us on 9028 2801 or fill out our Contact Us form & we will promptly get back to you.

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