OVERALL GOAL:  "Provide a convenient tool to help empower community housing tenants overcome financial barriers and equipping them with the knowledge of budgeting, the real estate and mortgage process to achieve home ownership."

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Expected Solutions

Increase the number of users of the proposed HSH digital platform with tenants of community housing nationwide.

HSH digital tool is effective in helping tenants with their ability to save money and potentially their ability to improve thier financial earnings, hence their eligibility for the Guarantee.


Expected Solutions

HSH mobile users develop their self-efficacy to take on the responsibility of a mortgage and home ownership.

Demonstrate to tenants that owning a home is a better financial option than renting, as money goes towards investing in your own home.

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Expected Solutions

Design a gamified learning platform for users with features that would make the experience easy, fun and motivate them to continuously learn.

Create some features that would make users frequently use the app to develop their financial & real estate knowledge rapidly.

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Expected Solutions

Design practical & engaging features that would help build their confidence in learning, saving & minimising their expenses & debt.

Users can achieve the minimum deposit plus Lenders Mortgage Insurance and other necessary expenses when acquiring a mortgage.

Include the HSH Guarantee application process as part of the main features with the app to give users the confidence to save and participate with the app.

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Increase the number of potential applicants to be eligible for the Head Start Guarantee

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A 'revolving door' effect for community housing, with tenants achieving home ownership & as a result housing are vacant for at-risk & actual homeless individuals in community housing waiting list.

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Simplify the process of learning budgeting, financial literacy, the mortgage process and home ownership in a motivational way.

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Develop tenant's self efficacy through actively implementing good saving habits, decrease expenses, debt, improve their credit worthiness & developing a capacity to save especially for a mortgage deposit.


Vacancies after former tenants successfully buys their own homes

Homeless persons or persons in temporary housing on waiting list for community housing.

Community housing renters to overcome financial and personal obstacles  that are preventing them from achieving home ownership. Incentivised by Head Start Home Guarantee or developing 

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