Refugees, Migrants & International Students

​Many refugees, migrants or international students come over to Australia and experience extreme difficulties and barriers in obtaining work or employment that they desire.  The common questions are "How do I find work in Australia?", "I am highly qualified from overseas, but how come I can't find work here?"

So what are some common challenges facing refugees, migrants & international students?

  • You are underskilled & require qualification and experience to get into your chosen career or job pathway.

  • Cultural barriers, being able to fit in and avoiding discrimination

  • Lack of Australian workplace rights and responsibilities knowledge and trying to avoid exploitation from employers

  • Lack of local understanding of employment and application processes; lack of effective social networks for hidden job opportunities.

  • Avoiding rejections such as not having enough 'local' experience or being 'over-qualified'

  • Being able to present yourself professionally and getting employer/company sponsorship


How do I overcome these challenges?

It may seem difficult at times, but if you’re persistent and find ways to overcome those challenges, you will find career success too. Speak to a dedicated career consultant about your concerns and we will support you with your career journey.  Please contact us for a discussion of your situation.

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