Are you a stay at home parent considering studies or studying while juggling children responsibilities and wanting to work again and achieve a better career?

Are you considering returning to the workforce but still need flexibility for your kids?

Currently, there are various flexible study options for parents - with night classes and online classes without having to attend classrooms. It’s hard to balance work, kids and house work, but if you put your mind to it, there is always time to spare for study (like when kids are asleep), and by just taking that step to advance your career and to be able to work and help provide more for your family will pay off.

If you speak to one of our dedicated career consultants for a personalised plan that can take into consideration your situation and we can look at your available study options and to enter or re-enter the workforce and achieve career success.


Speak to our dedicated career consultant about your concerns and we will support you with your career journey. You may be entitled to FREE or subsidised government funded courses! Please contact us for a discussion of your situation.


Stay At Home Parents

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