5 Top Career Change Tips

Updated: May 16

Do you feel a bit stuck, in a rut, or just needing a change? Are you looking for new opportunities?

If you're feeling this, it's probably a good time to think about our values, goals, what we like about current situation and we’d hope to change. If you’re thinking of making a move, then stop procrastinating and make it happen!

"According to career change statistics, ‘’the average person will change careers 5-7 times during their working life’’

I’ve had multiple careers and/or role changes throughout my working life, and found it really helped if I assessed first what I’d like to change due to the situation. Is it the job/role entirely, or is it certain aspects of it? Do you want a change from the organisation you’re in, or is it the industry completely and a different career direction? Do you need to take further studies/upskill for a career change? Have you been made redundant/unemployed or have taken a break and need to get back into the job market? Asking these questions at the start will help you decide what your next move could be.

Talking to a career counsellor can support you in exploring some of these questions you have. The psychometric assessments we conduct reveal your strengths, skills, values, interests and development areas. By evaluating your results, we can assist you in making informed choices for a career change and exploring career pathways.

Here are the Top 5 Tips on how to make a Career Change in the new year to get your started:

1. Update your CV/Resume and LinkedIn profile – keep this current and updated with skills, responsibilities and projects you’ve done, because even though you may not make a move for a while, it’s important to have this

2. Look out for opportunities and do your research - take a step back to review goals, start the job hunting process, look at job ads, see what headlines are out in the companies you are interested in, keep a lookout of who you know working there

If you’re in a permanent position or would like to stay in the organisation you’re in, it could just be a small change like taking on more responsibility, a different project, team, asking for professional development, shadow a different role, or look for a secondment/transfer opportunity. If you’ve considered this and really don’t want to stay, and considering external opportunities and doing something

3. Reach out to your networks - (let friends and family know you're looking, networking events, subscriptions, groups, getting in touch with people, info interviews, practice your introductions, book in a mentor or coach)

4. Fill those gaps on your CV/Resume - e.g. training, pds, short course, update portfolio, volunteer, take on extra responsibilities in your current role (if you have one) that will align, side hustle/projects

5. Most importantly, start now, don't procrastinate! - change your situation/circumstances and create a plan on next steps, then take action!

Most people find making a career change or move daunting. But if you believe that it’s time for it and once you put the motions in place, you’ll be glad it happened and won’t look back.