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At Savvy Self Careers, we aim to help you provide up-to-date career information and tools to achieve career success.  We  are a career & employment consulting service that can help with a tailored career plan in reaching your goals & aspirations, with additional self-evaluation analysis and psychometric testing. 


Our services include hourly 1:1 career counselling sessions.  In these sessions, we can help you identify career & training pathways while providing resourceful education and labour market information, creating a career action plan, writing a personalised resume & cover letter, responding to selection criteria and applications assistance, strategic job search techniques, networking opportunities, interview preparation & coaching, improving your online profile such as linked in & other social media and knowing how to position yourself to highlight your skills & work experiences to create the best chance of getting the job you want.  If you would also like to receive free newsletters & resources, please sign up on our Members page.  Our passion is to help people find their potential to do something about it and achieve success. We really hope to make a difference and create value in people’s lives and careers! 


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