Speak to one of our dedicated professional career consultants and book a an initial one hour session for a 1:1 in-depth consultation to create a tailored career plan for you.  Packages include a self-evaluation (assessment of your personality, skills & aspirations) called psychometric testing/questionnaire, identifying career and training pathways, your career goals including researching and preparing how to reach those goals, job search strategies and applications on ideal job vacancies and job opportunities.  This could mean knowing your transferable skills and working towards goals to make that career change or career move.  You might find that you'll need a few sessions with the consultant as you work through applications by refining your resume, cover letter, responding to selection criteria and improving your online presence and profile.  A consultant can help you highlight your skills and work experiences to position yourself for the best chance of reaching your career goals. When you get an interview, you might need further interview coaching/mentoring to secure that job or position and reach career success!

Don't wait any longer, contact us now and book in a session and enquire about our career counselling packages.


Tailored Career Plan

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